Deliveroo Stock: ROO Breaks 348 Days Resistance, What’s Next?

  • Deliveroo stock price prediction: The ROO share price breaks a major resistance of 348 days after its growth in earnings.
  • The price has been bullish with weak resistance. Is it time to buy?
  • RSI noticed a pullback after the stock reached mid-levels. How far can the bulls push the price?

Deliveroo Stock Previous Price Action and Forecasting

ROO’s Previous Price Action

The ROO share price was consolidated from May 2022 to the start of March 2023 between the floor and cap of GBX 76 and GBX 102, respectively. It was only when the Q1 earnings report came in March end, with about a 4% rise in the revenue, the ROO share price reflected the growth in the stock chart as well. It broke the strong resistance of GBX 102 and is currently in the uptrend.

Deliveroo Stock: ROO Breaks 348 Days Resistance, What’s Next?
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ROO’s Current Price Action

Currently, the stock is trading at GBX 123 and is in bullish momentum. The ROO share price is seen trading between some supports and resistances, while the indicators are also giving some insights for the near future. 

Support: Immediate support is being made at the level of GBX 113.3 which is a recently broken resistance. The second support is a very strong one on the price value of GBX 101.9 which is also a major broken resistance of the past 348 days!

Resistance: The first resistance is at the level of GBX 113.0 and the 2nd one is at the level of GBX 143. Both the resistances are not tested, and hence, don’t have any volume levels supporting them. 


MACD: The MACD is showing a very bullish momentum which is reflected in the ROO share price. In the most recent terms, the signal rose above the MACD line which has resulted in the correction in the short term.

RSI: The RSI has come down from the level after touching the levels of 77 and more to a mid-level of 56. However, a new spike is seen which is indicating the constant ask from the bulls.

EMAs: The 50 EMA has just risen above the 200 EMA in May 2023 where the price took support from them. Currently, there is a bullish momentum seen as the 50 EMA is rising with a private value of GBX 116 and the 200 EMA is at GBX 107 and is also in a slight uptrend.

Price Prediction for ROO Stock

Since the rise in the earnings report has been reflected in the stock price, the bulls are looking to get stronger with time as they have broken a major 348 days of price resistance. 

Right now, a small correction might have occurred. The green candles are being observed in the chart and are confirmed by the RSI. Since the resistance levels are weak, the price is likely to cross past it. Similarly, the support levels are strong; so if a breakout doesn’t happen, the price may consolidate in the immediate consolidation zone seen in the chart. Another driving factor can be the future earnings report and it will be interesting to see how the bulls hold off the bullish trend.


The share price of ROO after consolidating for nearly a year, broke its resistance after a positive earnings report of Q1 2023. Currently, the price is in an uptrend after taking support from both the EMAs. The future is looking bullish, subjective of the financials.


Support: GBX 113.3, GBX 101.9

Resistance: GBX 133.0, GBX 143.8

RSI: 56

50 EMA: GBX 116.4

200 EMA: GBX 107.0


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