moral hazard 中文

Moral hazard (also known as welfare economics) is a term that has been popularized by economist John Locke. The term is often used when discussing the notion that individuals have an incentive to take actions that harm others, in order to maximize their own gains.

Moral hazard is one of those terms that is often misunderstood. It is not the same as welfare economics. In welfare economics, the concept of morality is the reason why people behave in certain ways, and how their actions affect others. In moral hazard, however, morality is a separate factor, as it’s the reason why people will choose to take certain actions. In fact, there can be a lot of moral hazard with the same person, as they make different choices from the same reasons.

In the movie, the moral hazard is caused by the fact that the guy who is the CEO of the company is also a person who has a very moral view of the work the company is doing. However, he refuses to go through the necessary process of going to the shareholders and telling them the truth about his actions. He goes through the process of making very bad decisions for the company and not only does the shareholders lose out, but also his own employees.

The moral hazard in China is that the government is taking risks that it can’t afford to, and because of this, the government makes decisions that are risky for the country, such as increasing the number of jobs in the industry or increasing the price of a particular product.

This is the biggest reason that China is such an interesting place to go and live. The government also takes very bold, very risky steps to protect its people. For instance, the government has been very strict on the Internet. The government has made it impossible for the Internet to be used for illicit purposes. This is a huge risk for a country that relies on the Internet so much.

China is also a country that has been very proactive in trying to promote the “Westernization” of its society. For instance, the government has been very strict on the Internet. China has been very strict on the Internet.

People who enjoy Western music and movies have been affected. For instance, I had a really bad experience with a band called Red.

In the West, the idea that the Internet is a playground for all manner of criminal activity is often the case, but not in China yet. The only way that the Internet is used for illicit purposes is when the government has to use it in order to make sure that the people who use it are doing so for legitimate reasons. Otherwise, the Internet is a place for people to get information.

The Internet used to be used for information distribution, but this just seems to be changing now. Some might say that this is changing in the digital age because the government wants to spread information more, but it seems that this is just another example of the government using the Internet against the people who use it.

Like everything else in the world, there are always those in power who will use and abuse the Internet against those who use it. There are definitely some who want to spread lies and propaganda but there are also some who want to use the Internet to spread information. The problem is that the Internet is one of the most important tools of communication that we have.

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