What Is Base Mainnet and How To Mine It: A Complete Guide

  • Explore what is base Mainnet.
  • Get to know how you can bridge to the Base Mainnet.

Base Mainnet was opened up to the public on August 9,  2023. Its main aim is to bring the next billion users to the Ethereum blockchain. Since its launch, Base Mainnet has seen great growth in its expansion. The Ethereum layer-2 now has more than 50 protocols working on it.

Currently, Base Mainnet has a TVL of $167 Million and is in the third position, just behind Arbitrum and Optimism as an optimistic rollup-based L2. So let’s explore how you can easily bridge the Base Mainnet using various platforms:

Bridge Base Mainnet Using Official Frontend

This is the most popular way to bridge the Base Mainnet and move assets to and from the Base. Currently, the bridge only supports transactions between Ethereum and Base. Let’s explore some steps you need to follow:


  • Open up the Base Bridge website and select the “Deposit” option.
  • Then click the “Connect Wallet” option and select your wallet from the dropdown menu. Now follow the prompts on the wallet to connect it.
  • Once connected, you are ready to select the assets you want to bridge and the amount.
  • After selecting the amount, click on the “Deposit” button and confirm the transaction.
  • After completion of the deposit, the asset will appear on your Base Mainnet chain balance.

And this is how you can use the official Base Mainnet frontend to bridge the base.

Bridge Base Mainnet Using Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is another popular bridging platform designed for layer-2s. This platform supports many other Ethereum L2Ss. So let’s take a look at how to use this platform.


  • Launch the platform and connect your wallet.
  • Follow the necessary prompts to connect the wallet of your choice.
  • After this, select the source chain in the “From” section and Base Mainnet in the “To” section.
  • Then select the amount you want to transfer.
  • After reviewing, select the “Send” button.
  • You can now start the transfer by selecting the ‘Confirm and Send“ button.

After the completion of the transfer, a “Received” section will be displayed in your connected wallet on the Base Mainnet chain.

Bridge Base Mainnet Using Portal 

Portal is a very powerful and reliable third-party bridge that you can use to bridge the Base Mainnet. But you should only use this platform if you already have native ETH in your Base wallet. As you have to claim bridged tokens and pay gas fees.


  • Head over to the portal platform and select the chain in the source field. You need to select the chain you want to bridge your assets from in this section.
  • Then select the Base Mainnet in the “Target” section.
  • Now click “Connect”, select your wallet, and follow the prompts.
  • After this, select the assets from which you want to bridge by clicking on the “Select an Asset” menu.
  • Now add the amount and click on the “Next” button.
  • Now approve the switch of the network to base. After that. You need to switch your network back to the source network.
  • Now click the “Transfer” option to start the transaction.

This is how you can bridge to the Base Mainnet using different platforms.

What Is Base Mainnet and How To Mine It: A Complete Guide

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