What’s in store for online casinos in 2023?

Online casino gaming has an appeal that makes it a major focus for anyone who has an interest in monitoring online trends. While it has less global acceptance than its brother, sports betting, it’s clear that where casino gaming is legal, it is popular. And that’s not something that seems likely to change any time soon. With sites like around to help people choose their preferred online betting site, there is no shortage of choice out there. Looking to the future, the question isn’t whether online casinos will continue to grow. It’s how they will continue to grow.

The betting industry has exceeded any other on the planet in terms of its agility. It can always see when there is a chance to change and occupy a space it previously hasn’t – or even one which hasn’t existed. And so it is always interesting to look at online casino betting and see where the space is to grow and develop. So it’s worth considering where it’s going to go in 2023.

A push for more legality in US states

As already noted, online casino gambling has less global acceptance than sports betting. This is partly because it is more easily painted as a game of chance, which makes it easier to vote against from a moral standpoint. In US states, it also runs into the issue that brick-and-mortar casinos are a thing. A thing which doesn’t take kindly to any threat to its business, which is why six states have legalized online casinos while more than thirty permit online sports betting. Nonetheless, there will be attempts this year to advance legislation in at least one more state, likely to be Indiana. 

New York, which has keenly embraced sports betting, and Georgia, where online casinos have broad public support, could also make moves.

More crypto casinos

If you want to bet at an online casino in the US and not face legal repercussions, then the best way to go about it has been by owning crypto. Due to the way laws are written, it isn’t illegal to bet at a crypto casino in the country because crypto is unregulated and the casinos are entirely based offshore. The betting industry has been crypto-friendly for some time – we mention again how it has always seen new spaces to occupy – and for as long as online casinos are resisted by most of the US, the crypto space will attract those who want to gamble online.

Increased use of AR and VR

Betting in person took a hit in the first year of the pandemic, and has never fully recovered from that. With online betting taking a lot of the slack, it’s only going to get tougher for developers to make brick-and-mortar casinos happen. Yet people do enjoy the social and tactile side of betting, which leaves space for augmented reality to add to its already growing fanbase. This may be something that becomes widespread in 2024 more than it does this year, but 2023 will be a year in which more casino sites explore the potential of technology that uses AR and VR.

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