Eye On AI: Best AI Companies For Investment

  • OpenAI isn’t a publicly traded company. No one can directly buy or sell OpenAI’s stocks.
  • There are several other methods to invest in AI-powered software. 

AI-based businesses are slowly changing the business landscape. ChatGPT is one of the most powerful tools, with the ability to converse like a human. This new tool is disrupting many industries, including the investment industry. 

The tool is a game-changer for investors. Since its launch, it has gained billions of dollars in funding from top companies. Let’s find out about the investment opportunity!

Why Invest In ChatGPT? 

AI tools like ChatGPT are gaining popularity. It’s transforming the way business and humans used to work. According to experts, the next generation will combine human and machine intelligence. AI will disrupt the human world in a way no one ever imagined. 

In such a rapidly changing scenario, it’s essential to adapt according to needs. Learning about AI and investing in AI-based tools will ultimately take users a step closer to AI. So, to make secure investments, investors must consider emerging AI technologies. 

Can One Invest In OpenAI directly? 

OpenAI is a non-profit company that isn’t listed for public trading. No one can directly buy or sell stock in Open AI. There are several indirect methods to invest in open AI. For instance, Microsoft initially recognized the potential of OpenAI and partnered with the company back in 2019. Furthermore, Microsoft invested $10 Billion. 

Similarly, common people can also invest in emerging AI businesses and tools. Or else investors can invest in publicly traded companies that have partnered with OpenAI. 

Invest In These AI-Powered Companies 

Here are some of the publicly traded AI-powered companies: 

  • Microsoft 

Microsoft joined hands with OpenAI back in 2019. Investing directly in Microsfit will eventually ensure the investments are in safer hands. Additionally, Microsoft also integrated AI features into their services. 

  • C3.ai 

C3.ai is backed by AI technology. The company provides an AI application to scale business from management to marketing. Their primary goal is to automate business operations using AI. 

  • Alphabet Inc. 

Alphabet Inc. is a parent company of Google. It’s one of the leading research companies in the world. They are continually working to integrate AI tools into search engines and other similar services. If users want to invest in an AI-driven company, then Alphabet Inc. has no other alternative. 

  • Tesla  

Musk’s innovations are always ahead of time. Currently, Musk is working to develop a humanoid robot. All along, Tesla even has a well-set unit that is continuously working towards the growth of AI. 

  • Lemonade 

Lemonade is the first-ever AI-managed insurance company. The company developed an AI bot named Maya; she handles all the customer queries and other aspects of the business. This company is another good option when investors are searching for AI-based publicly traded companies. 

Investing in AI-based companies is a matter of risk. Investors and traders have to be strategic while investing. Before making any decision, do thorough research on the company and its future growth opportunities. 


OpenAI is a publicly traded company. Users can’t directly invest in the stock of OpenAI, but there are other methods to invest in AI-based companies. 

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