Which altcoins are commonly used for betting?

For some time, at least in the mind of the average crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin was the only show in town. It is, after all, more widely held than any other coin. Indeed in terms of market cap it isn’t just ahead of the rest of the field, it’s bigger than the rest of the field put together. That makes it an impressive coin in at least one sense, but it is worth remembering that Bitcoin having that market cap doesn’t mean that much for holders. It’s like having a personal bank account with Bank of America and being proud that BoA has a high share price; sure, it’s nice and all, but it doesn’t increase the value of your holdings.

So more and more people are taking care to diversify their interests, because after all, Bitcoin is perhaps more subject than any other coin to massive volatility. And when you are a crypto bettor, you want to make sure that you’re using the best coin for the job at any given time. Increasing numbers of crypto casinos are accepting more coins and extending their casino bonuses to customers with altcoins in their wallets. But if you want to bet at crypto casinos, which are the best altcoins to use for the purpose?


If you’re looking to bet with a coin other than Bitcoin, it could be for a number of reasons, but one likely reason is that BTC has just taken a dip and you don’t want your balance to be worth less than your initial deposit even when you’ve won at the casino. You want, in these cases, to use a coin that is noted for its stability. In that regard, you can’t do much better than XRP. It costs less to buy a decent amount of Ripple, and it is much more likely to hold its value from the moment you deposit it, to the moment you choose to withdraw.


Ethereum isn’t primarily known for its stability, but it has become the second-most talked about crypto in recent times, and this is having a positive knock-on effect in terms of its popularity with crypto speculators and with service providers alike. Among those providers, there is no more positive sector than crypto betting, as leading crypto casinos are seeking to strengthen the positive association with ETH. Ethereum holders and stakers can get preferential treatment with some of the most influential crypto casinos out there, and this is a model other casinos are likely to follow.


If you’re going to be using currency for betting, you want to ensure that you are benefiting from fluidity. Moving fast and having more options will always be better than standing still and watching the options narrow in front of you. In this regard, betting with Litecoin is a smart move. It’s easy and fast to work with, and is accepted by an ever-growing list of crypto casinos. Other altcoins may have their advantages, but these will generally be very situational and niche. When using coins for betting, the range of choice is what’s most important, and Litecoin will help you maintain a wide choice.

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